[sarcmembers] Re: Yaesu FT-736 220MHz module install

  • From: "John Maetta" <j.maetta@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 08:34:52 -0700

No, I was not able to locate the filter. Does anyone know of its whereabouts?

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  thanks, john, did you find the filter and install it also?   regards,  george 
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  From: John Maetta
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  Subject: [sarcmembers] Yaesu FT-736 220MHz module install


  The installation of the Yaesu FT-736 220MHz module is complete. 

  The manual states to place the 220MHz module in the lower left chassis as 
viewed from the rear of the radio.
  After installing the 220MHz module I noticed that the module Control and I/F 
cable would not reach J1011.  Inspection revealed that the 220MHz module has 
the cable mounted on the left side and the 50MHz module has it on the right 
side, and has cable length to spare.

  We needed to swap the 50MHz and 220MHz modules to allow both to connect to 
the control board. 

  I powered up the radio and it appeared to function. Sadly, my shack lacks 
anything in the 220MHz band, so we will need to test and label the output jacks 
at the clubhouse. Here are some photos or the install.




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