[sarcmembers] Success!....1296MHz EME from the clubhouse..

  • From: "John Maetta" <j.maetta@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <sarcmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 19:18:28 -0700

Hello All,

This morning, Bob W6RFH and I were successfully able to QSO via moonbounce on 
1296MHz.  Before we were successful, we had a failure of the dish preamp. But, 
we were still able to work two 'Big Gun' stations by bypassing the failing amp 
and connecting direct to the dish feed.

The first QSO was with OE8ERC, Erich in Austria at 1914UTC (1214PST) and the 
second contact was with G4CCH, Howard in the UK 1924UTC (1224PST).
Both QSOs were completed using WSJT in JT65C mode.

The morning's weather did not look very promising, but the fog cleared at about 
0930PST.  Here are some photos from today's operations. 


I have a spare preamp and will try again tomorrow.  My motto is ' why buy one 
when you can get two for twice as much...'  :)
The moon rises at 1130PST.



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