[sarcmembers] Satellite Radio Club Meeting this Saturday

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  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 16:07:17 -0700

Just a reminder. The usual place 1PM Saturday May 1, and a board meeting at 
Carrows in Santa Maria at 830AM.

For the meeting we will be doing a show-and-tell day. Bring ANYTHING big or 
small you are working on, find interesting or antique to show us for a couple 
of minutes.
No it does not have to be PHD, Nobel Prize QEX-level stuff, just something 
small, interesting or fun. Even an old radio tube or rig or an intesting QSL 
This is not university-level stuff. Dave KA6BFB is showing a curious Chinese 
hand generator he plans to use at field day. Eric Wb6FLY said he would scrounge
up something and so did Bob W6RFH. Michael KI6UAL will show his emergency 
portable batter pack. I have a new little home brew mobile antenna. Look 
around, you really
do have something.

ALSO. Beginning before the meeting, but on Friday at 7:30 PM we are kicking off 
a club net on the new 145.360 (-) 131.8 Tranquillon repeater.. 
It will not be a roster check-in net. Neither will it be a round-robin net. 
It will be more of a talk in any order, free-form net. There will be a net 
moderator, but only to keep things moving. The intention
it to be more of a discussion net, ahead of the club meeting each month.

Come join us

John W6NBC

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