[sarcmembers] Satellite ARC meeting this Saturday

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 07:13:05 -0700

Just our routine reminder. This Saturday will be our regular Satellite ARC 
meeting at the clubhouse at 1 PM.

I will be showing the photos I took on my very recent visit to Radio Station 
KSM at Pt. Reyes, just north of SFO.
Truly it was an exciting experience for me and one that some of you may wish to 
also experience. It is the only
yet-operating CW ship-to-shore station still on the air. 

And I was permitted, because of my recent Commercial Telegraph License to 
actually operate it -- 40 KW 
on 8 bands, 500 KHz thru HF.

Also there will be a board meeting at Carrows in Santa Maria at 8AM. All are 
welcome to attend.

John W6NBC

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