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I don't want to tie up this reflector for a personal conversation, So address me personally with further questions at dave@xxxxxxxxxx

Perhaps all this needs a broader explanation. We had two ongoing issues at the clubhouse in the past that hindered us moving forward with new technologies. One problem was that we did not have power at the clubhouse, and the other problem was that we did not have internet.

We now have power, and we have had internet for over a year and a half. The internet is provided through an RF connection to our site 2 asset 3.5 miles away on Firefighter road. We are getting internet at that site with an agreement with the Lompoc School district. Because of the shortage of equipment we had for a while, we turned on and off the router at the clubhouse, which also provided the local WiFi access when people wanted to use the network The idea was that people would use the switch in the front to turn off the local internet at the clubhouse when it was not being used, but this was not happening. This is a problem because we don't want people parking at the gate and using our internet connection thru the WIFI when we are not there. Who knows what they may be doing and we don't want it traced back to us.

Anyway, yesterday I fixed that problem. I put in new equipment donated by Paul K1JAN and Harold WA6EAT. The internal wired internet is now on 24 hours a day, and the switch is only enabled when we use the WIFI for things like field day etc when people want wireless outside the building. I tested the WiFI portion yesterday by using echolink and walking along the entire perimeter of the club and talking to KI6LXT thru an echolink node in Santa Maria. It worked perfect. The point is, everything is working, the Wifi and the internal internet connection. You can go up there any time, turn on any of the computers in the club house and you will have internet and you don't have to mess with the switch.

Now.. New Topic...  Since we have internet at the clubhouse and at both site 1 and site 2, we are slowly  introducing some newer internet related  ham technologies. The first was Echolink, and it has been running now for  11 months at the site 1 building on FIrefighter road.  Echolink is an application that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)  to connect different  amateur stations together over the internet.  You can be in your car, or at a computer, and connect to other ham stations all over the planet. The ham you are talking to can be on his computer, or talking thru a node attached to a radio or repeater. I was in my car about a month ago during lunch on the SARC 2M Echolink node and I was talking to a ham in Morocco. All you need to control it is DTMF tones on your microphone.  You can see information on our specific SARC  echolink node at  http://home.comcast.net/~tinkyr/sarc_node/index.htm . You can find out about echolink in general at http://www.echolink.org/ .

Next technology we are working on is Winlink. Winlink is completely different than Echolink. Winlink is used by a ham to send an email over amateur radio. This has significant emergency communication utility. We have an experimental Winlink system on the air at Site 2. I have a preliminary webpage explaining it at http://home.comcast.net/~tinkyr/sarc_node/winlink_node.htm

Finally, and probably of the most interest to most club members, we are working on an Internet Remote Base. This will be a full function HF/VHF/UHF all mode radio that can be controlled over the internet at site 1. John W6NBC has provided a radio and computer at that site, and we are waiting for the Lompoc USD to do a little work on their end, which means a little typing, to allow the internet to work properly with that system.

Ok, there you go. Hopefully all of this now makes a little more sense and you have the big picture.


george bernard wrote:
doesnt this have something to do with your winlink system?  maybe i was confused.
i thought you were talking about the winlink system which is certainly  a state of the art event.  george w6nre
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From: David Dowler
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It is not sophisticated... It is regular internet like you are using to send this email. People were using the internet and not turning off the switch.


george bernard wrote:
dave,   who is going to use this very sophisticated computer/radio system?
why would a person like me living in buellton use it?  i really dont understand
its purpose.  i think it is a great science project!   george   w6nre
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From: David Dowler
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To: sarcmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Paul Andreasen
Subject: [sarcmembers] SARC clubhouse network

Dear SARC Members

I upgraded the network at the club station today. It seems that folks were leaving the switch at the front of the room on, which left the network, including the wireless part on. This is not something we want to do because we don't want unauthorized people using it. As of today, the network will be easier to use. The internal wired network, including the two computers in the radio shack, is now on the Internet 24 hours a day. Nobody needs to worry about the switch anymore. All the switch controls now is whether the wireless connection is enabled. Since the only time we need wireless enabled is during field day or other similar events were laptops might be used, this switch will usually be off. When you need to enable it, just flip it upwards for the “ON” position and remember to turn it off when you are done. I am keeping it unencrypted so it is easy to use.

For those of you that don’t know about the switch, it is near where the flag usually is, in the right front corner of the meeting room as shown in this picture. I have a note next to it for instructions.

I upgraded the router and the wireless access points. There is now an antenna for inside the building as well as outside. I decided to test the range of the new wireless access point. In true ham fashion, I decided to use Echolink and I walked the entire perimeter of the SARC facility while talking to fellow SARC member KI6LXT on my notebook computer, via Winlink, which was coming out on simplex in Santa Maria. He heard me just fine as I was using the wireless system in this fashion. If a VOIP application can be used successfully like this with the built in wireless adapter in my laptop, the system must be good.

Dave  KA6BFB

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