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This morning, I was able to get the amplifier up and running again.  The plate 
tuning shaft need to be reattched to the tuning knob shaft and the tube grid 
circuit diodes were blown. So, not a catastrophic issue.
A dollar's worth of components and some mechanical repair and we are ready to 
get back on the moon.



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  Happy New Year to all,

  This morning I had a scheduled 2 Meter QSO/experiment with another amateur 
north of San Francisco. 

  I was disappointed to find that someone had broken the plate tuning knob on 
my 2 meter amplifier.  It appeared that someone had rotated the tuning knob to 
its extremes and snapped the shaft, but not before jamming the two plates 
together.  It takes many turns of the tuning knob to get to each extreme and 
cause the plates to come in contact with each other.
  Unfortunately I discovered this very shortly after applying 3000V to the 
tube.  Not a pleasant experience. 

  My last visit to the clubhouse was on Oct. 11 and the amplifier was in good 
working order.  More than likely the damage was not from a licensed, 
experienced amateur or club member. Although more than a couple of months have 
passed since my last visit, an examination of the clubs log yielded some clues 
as to what may have happened. The damage could have occurred during the JOTA 
exercise on Oct. 17.  Youthful curiosity with knobs,  combined with an 
inadvertent, momentary lack of a control operator or supervision in the radio 
room could have resulted in the mishap.  

  I will begin troubleshooting and repair this week.

  Enough said...

  We did complete the experiment using my 2 meter brick amplifier. 



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