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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 20:05:27 -0700


Our total this year turned out to be 25,654. Congrats!...

We were just over 1000 points shy of last year's score. Just a wee bit more 
member and local participation (~10 QSOs) on 6 or 2 Meters could have put us 
over the top.  

Thanks to the several members that contacted us for some valuable QSO points. 
This year, we had 25 less QSOs, but 6 more grid multipliers.  Last year's 902 
and 1296 QSO counts were also a bit higher.

Here is a screen shot of the scoring software:


Ignore the QSO/Hr data. The data was all entered by hand this evening. Ray, 
AD6LV, how did this score compare to your entry data?

2009 Contest Results - W6AB
      # Call Score QSOs Mult Class Section Club Ops 
      1 W6AB 26,695 225 95 M SB   (N6VMO, KA6BFB, W6RFH, ops) 



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