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That's all good advice, but we do have a water heater at the Clubhouse- it
just takes a few minutes to make it to the tap.  Also, the cold running
water is potable, now that a new water line has been put in.  But let the
cold water run for at least ten minutes, if it has not been used for several
days, to get the stagnant water out of the pipeline.

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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Most of you know the SARC clubhouse location is fairly remote.  Please
remember to bring food, water, snacks etc.  The clubhouse has cold running
water, toilet, a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffee maker and toaster
Also, it can be fairly cool and foggy in the mornings and quite warm and
windy in the afternoon, so dress appropriately.
I use a prefer a favorite headset of mine, and use it to help cut out the
busy comm room background noise.  If you like to use headsets too, then
please bring a set of your own.
My plans have me arriving at around 0900 on Saturday morning.  There is a
little bit left to do.  This morning I setup the 902 station, tower camera
and monitor system. All that remians is remounting the 50 and 220MHz
antennas on the repaired rotor and some testing.
See you there.

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