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john,   could we put together some kind of ladder arrangement closer to the 
i would be happy to help out financially with that.  call me.  805-688-6324 
home or cell 818-370-9407   we could build it out of wood and then use it for 
other things later.
regards,  george bernard   w6nre

santa barbara, ca   web page is
www.balanceindustries.com for my company cell 818-370-9407

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Tonight, after some testing of my 1296MHz EME system, I noted the following. 
The 280W output of the amplifier was reduced to 160W by the time it reached the 
antenna feed. 

I am currently using an 80' run of Andrew LD4-50 1/2" hardline from the amp to 
the antenna feed.  This length of HL keeps my operating position and equipment 
inside the clubhouse radio room.
But, this 2dB transmit power loss is not tolerable and of course effects my 
receive signals too.

One solution is to move the amplifier and transceiver closer to the antenna. 
This solution will work, but will cause me to have to operate out of doors.   

The second is to locate the dish closer to the indoor operating position.  (On 
the clubhouse roof affords the best tracking of the moon from horizon to 
horizon and cuts the coax run by half. But requires approval of the 

The third solution is to upgrade to a less lossy hardline such as 7/8" or 
larger. This is the easiest solution if I can locate a local source.

Does anyone know where I can locate a source for new or used hardline in this 
size and length?  I know cellular and CATV companies may have some short 
lengths laying around unusable.
Most amateurs, that have this type hardline available, are offering it as pick 
up only, because of its size. So this is why I putting out local notice first.




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