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Roof mounting is not an option, since it would compromise the integrity of
the roof seal.  The Air Force is very sensitive about tenants damaging the
roofing on Government-owned buildings.

There are still many miles of abandoned LDF5-50 Heliax in the cable tunnel
at SLC-6.  I already have permission to salvage more of that cable, but have
not exercised the option.  Is 80 feet an accurate figure?

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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Tonight, after some testing of my 1296MHz EME system, I noted the following.
The 280W output of the amplifier was reduced to 160W by the time it reached
the antenna feed. 
I am currently using an 80' run of Andrew LD4-50 1/2" hardline from the amp
to the antenna feed.  This length of HL keeps my operating position and
equipment inside the clubhouse radio room.
But, this 2dB transmit power loss is not tolerable and of course effects my
receive signals too.
One solution is to move the amplifier and transceiver closer to the antenna.
This solution will work, but will cause me to have to operate out of doors.

The second is to locate the dish closer to the indoor operating position.
(On the clubhouse roof affords the best tracking of the moon from horizon to
horizon and cuts the coax run by half. But requires approval of the
The third solution is to upgrade to a less lossy hardline such as 7/8" or
larger. This is the easiest solution if I can locate a local source.
Does anyone know where I can locate a source for new or used hardline in
this size and length?  I know cellular and CATV companies may have some
short lengths laying around unusable.
Most amateurs, that have this type hardline available, are offering it as
pick up only, because of its size. So this is why I putting out local notice

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