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The MRHS amateur station K6KPH will participate in the annual Straight Key
Night once 
again this New Year's Eve.

Coast station KSM will be on the air as well to give listeners a chance to
hear the 
station in later evening hours than usual.

Straight Key Night is sponsored by the ARRL for those who love Morse and
enjoy practicing 
the art using manual, non-electronic keys.  K6KPH will be on 3550kc and
7050kc.  Both 
Denice Stoops and myself will be at the key. 

For information about Straight Key Night see:


KSM will be on the air as well.  Transmissions will take place on 426kc in
the medium 
frequency band and on 4, 6, 8 and 12Mc HF.  Press and weather will be
transmitted.  It's 
our hope that the lateness of the hour and the winter season will allow
listeners to copy 
the station on frequencies they may not have heard before.  We're especially
hopeful that 
distant listeners will be able to copy us on 426kc.

Operations will probably begin sometime between 2100 and 2200 Pacific time
(0500 - 0600Z) 
and last for about two hours.

Reception reports and QSLs may be sent to the QSL Mistress at:

Denice Stoops
PO Box 381
Bolinas, CA 94924-0381 

VY 73,


Richard Dillman, W6AWO
Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM
Maritime Radio Historical Society

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