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IRB is short for Internet Remote Base, like the club's at Site 1. I am not sure 
who you mean by "we" should buy one, the club or an individual. I personally 
already have a big investment in the IRB and have little desire for 1.2 GHz. 
But if someone wants to go for it, I would be pleased. The antenna and rotor 
being offered would be fine.

John W6NBC
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  what is an IRB?   $500 is not a lot of money.
  why dont we just buy one?  george
santa barbara, ca   web page is
www.balanceindustries.com for my company cell 818-370-9407
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  Thanks for the complements on the last meeting. It is board's plan to keep 
that kind of thing as the center of the club, not boring business squabbles 
which will be handled mainly in the board meetings.

  On 1.2 GHz for the IRB, there is a plug-in module for the Kenwood TS-2000 
which gives receive and 10W output, all modes. They cost about $500 new, 
however. I saw a used on on EBay for $400. There is already built-in provision 
in the IRB for adding amplifiers on any or all bands, as well as rotor 
steering.. The beam and amp you offer would be just fine.   
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    Hello All,

    I have to say that the last SARC meeting was one of the most informative 
and interesting club meetings I have attended.  

    John's (W6NBC) presentation of W4MQ's Remote Internet Base software really 
got me motivated for several reasons.  I went home and dowloaded the RIB 
software and connected to several publicly open stations here on the west 
coast.  Using the software was easy and I could listen to the Sunday afternoon 
40 Meter Swap Net from my laptop, pretty cool.

    The other motivating reason was the potential of participating in the 
weekly 1296Mhz SSB/CW nets.  The location of the RIB would enable many 
statewide 1296MHz contacts. From the presentation, I understood that the RIB 
station does not have 1296MHz capabilities, so I make the following proposal to 
the club board and station manager(s):

    I would like to offer the RIB station, the use of my homebrew solidstate 
1296MHz 60W all-mode amplifier and a 24 element M2 yagi antenna. 
    The amplifier requires ~10amps at 13.8VDC. 



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