[sarcmembers] Another SARC status report

  • From: David Dowler <dave@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sarcmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 19:50:57 -0800

Dear SARC Members..

More progress has been made at the clubhouse.

1) Antenna Cable Labeling
2) Log Periodic Antenna
3) Network upgrade
4) Shelving

Antenna Cable Labeling

Eric (WB6FLY) brought up a label maker and labeled each cable, inside and outside the building, and at the end of the cable. This is long overdue, and will be a major step forward. Here are some pictures. (taken with cell phone, I know the quality is terrible, save you breath)

Cables labeled on entry to building (same outside)                                     Cable labeled at radio end

Cable  description chart

Log Periodic Antenna

The control cable assembly has been finished now and is going to the rotor more permanently. Robert (W6RFH) and myself measured the amount of cable required to get the the cable hub outside the building, and Eric (WB6FLY) is going to make a hardline cable that length. After that, we simply make a smaller cable to the hub from inside the shack and the log periodic will be ready for use.

Network upgrade

The network in the clubhouse has become more important, and I wanted to be able to manage it better. Initially we just stored the stuff above the meeting room in the false ceiling, but I decided I needed more flexibility. I have also added a nice Cisco switch that allows us to throttle the network speed at 10 Mbps. The reason for this is that using unshielded Ethernet cable at higher speeds results in RF emissions that are a nuisance in the HF and VHF bands. I decided I wanted the router and the switch located in the work room, and Robert helped me run all new Ethernet cabling in the building.

While I was at it. I added a new computer position at the bench in the work room. It is my intention for this computer to act as a server during contests, and as a general purpose machine during other times. Eventually I would like to make the bench usable as a general purpose electronics workbench with good test equipment. This computer can be used to retrieve and store data sheets and can be loaded with all manner of interesting software of technical interest while using the workbench.

I now have copies of all the radio equipment and the antennas that I can identify on the computer system. In the future, if equipment is donated to or purchased by the club, I would appreciate it if electronic manuals are added to this collection, if available. On a related note, if anybody knows of a modern oscilloscope that is not being used, we could use it at the club.

This is the new computer station, along with the network router and switch, installed in the work room


Robert and I did a little more work (mostly Robert) on the shelving again. It is coming along nicely


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