[sarcmembers] 6m Antenna at SARC Clubhouse

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The Cushcraft R8 vertical antenna is designed to operate on 6 through 40
meters.  Due to the tuning sharpness of such an antenna at 6m, it was
optimized for 52.200 MHz per advice received from 6m buffs at the time of
original assembly.  I measured the minimum SWR of 1.8 at 52.200 MHz.  The R8
antenna is not much good more than 300 kHz or so either side of the peak.

Note that I have changed the subject line so that it correctly represents
the topic of this message.

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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Sorry for the tardiness of this message... this was sent around July 21 and
I released it but apparently it didn't go so here it is again.   




john,  is there a 6 meter antenna hooked to the ft-736?   i was at the st= 

ation sunday just to have a look around.  the 736 was on 6 meters as if s=
omeone was using it.  i walked outside and could not see a 6 meter antenn=
a.  am i missing something?  was it on the portable tower which is sittin= 

g by the front door?   so i went to 2 meters and verified the station was= 

 still working. 

regards,  george bernard  w6nre 



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This past Saturday, I lowered the portable tower to its horizontal positi=
on.  Please be aware of your surroundings when you are out at the club, t=
he antenna elements are at eye level a could pose a hazard. 


The plan is to remove the warped horizontal 144MHz support masts and repl=
ace them with some fiberglass tubes.  These ultra-strong tubes have been =
graciously provided by Bob, W6RFH.=20 Thank you Bob. 


Another modification is to install a video camera on the EME antenna mast=
support to provide a video source to help track the moon from the confin= es
of the SARC radio room. Hopefully, this eliminate the need to run outd= oors
to adjust the azimuth and elevation.=20 











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