[sarcmembers] 2m Antennas at SARC Clubhouse

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  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 17:42:53 -0700

We actually have at least five (5) 2m antennas in service now.  One is the
2m/440 dual-band vertical that we always have connected to the 2m rig (soon
to be replaced with a DR-605T dual-band rig), one is the 2m vertical at the
SW corner that was installed for packet cluster, one is the 2m beam on the
wooden-pole rotated mast, and the two polarized Yagis on the AZ-EL mount.

Note that I have changed the subject line to correctly reflect the new

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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eric,  what are we going to use for a 2 meter antenna?  is there still one
on the large mast?  if i remember correctly the rotor on that mast doesn't
work and harold scott was going to fix it?   george bernard

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