[saphelp] Dynamic code???

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:30:09 +0200


Does anyone here know how to build a string then Execute it.

Data: w_field1(10) type c,
         w_field2(10) type c,
         w_field3(10) type c,
         w_field4(10) type c,
         w_field5(10) type c,
         w_command(100) type c.

w_field1 = "Perform".
w_field2 = "SUB_ROUTINE".
w_field3 = "using".
w_field4 = "w_filed5".

concatenate w_field1 w_field2 w_field3 w_field4 into w_command seperated by 
Now what would I do if I wanted to execute w_command as a command???

Thanks in advance.

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