Project Team Draft

  • From: "Dang Hoai Phuc" <danghoaiphuc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <saomai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 15:09:21 +0700

Chao cac ban,
Duoi day la ban nhap ve nhom thuc hien du an Samsung trong nam 2006. Cac ban 
doc tham khao va cho y kien. Duoc viet bang tieng Anh. Co gi trong bua hop toi 
day minh se giai thich ky hon.

Samsung 2005/2006 Project Team

Coordinator: Dang Hoai Phuc

Assistant Coordinator & Web Content Management: Mr. Amedeo

Administrator: Phuong Thi Thom

Assistant: Mr. Hoang Xuan Linh

Editing coordinator: Phuong Thi Thom

Recording coordinator: Duong Chi Hung

DTB Testing & Distribution coordinator: Phan Thuy Phuong

Things to do in December: 

1. Formal letter to HANOI and DA NANG explaining that 2 Samsung computers will 
be installed there in january (we will send the configuration) and that Phuc 
will go in february and train local people in using DAISY technology.

2. Letter to describe the project. Send to all parties that may be interested. 
NDC school of HCM; An Giang school; Library of Science; National Blind 
Association; HCM blind association; the 4 Provinces; DOLISA; HCM University - 
Department of Education; Audio Library; All Communities of blind including Bung 
Sang; etc. 

3. Obtain configuration and cost of 6 computers with UPS.

4. Organizing Daisy training at Sao Mai

5. Organizing Daisy training in Danang and Hanoi.

6. Organizing the screen reader development team.


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