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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 177
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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 177
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Spoonbill Software has released its fourteenth free accessible self-voicing 
game, BG Chess Challenge, which can be played at different skill levels and 
with different levels of graphics. Chess instructions are also included.

2) Window-Eyes 7 is officially released, with iTunes support enhanced browsing 
features and a growing number of scripts written by dedicated script writers.

3) The September edition of FSCast from Freedom Scientific discusses the 
further progress of version 10 toward its intended release near the end of the 
year. When Beta 2 appears, it will include support for iTunes and a new Tandem 
feature allowing a skilled JAWS 10 user to control the computer of another JAWS 
10 user for training or tech support purposes.

4) The Adept1, a new form of voice-enabled universal assistant for those who 
have disabilities or are otherwise eyes or hands busy.
their website describes the device and offers a link to a demonstration and 
further discussion via GoogleTech Talk.
a new form of voice-enabled universal assistant for those who have disabilities 
or are otherwise eyes or hands busy.

5) "Label It! Braille and Audio Strategies for Identifying Items at Home and
Work" is a National Braille Press book written by Judy Dixon, and she will 
discuss the book and related subjects on Tek Talk for GMT Tuesday, 30 September.

6) There has been considerable discussion about the accessibility improvements 
on the Apple front. Mac users have had good access to most of iTunes features, 
but their access has improved, and Windows users now have access through 
Window-Eyes and apparently soon through JAWS, with a third-party package 
supplementing JAWS access. Meanwhile, the newest iPod Nanno can speak menus and 
song titles. Here is a podcast discussing these developments, mostly from the 
Mac-user perspective:
Meanwhile, Brian Hartgen offers a podcast concerning Windows access to iTunes 
and another one concerning a set of JAWS scripts they have written called 
J-Tools to enhance word processing and Internet use for JAWS users. He plans to 
do a podcast on the iPod Nanno in the upcoming week.

7) this Fred's Head Companion post is entitled Internet Resources for Teaching 
Math to Visually Impaired Students.

8) They also tell us about a search engine that is human-indexed, hence a bit 
slower than the usual Google but perhaps more satisfying to use? Note that when 
I tried to access it, the Url failed, but perhaps that was only temporary.

9) Code Factory announces the release of Mobile Geo, its GPS program for 
windows Mobile and Pocket Pc phones, developd in conjunction with Sendero 
Group, the makers of the GPS solution for the BrailleNote family.

10) Biographies of six US presidents from the American Experience tv series are 
available with audio description for free download through the now-accessible 
iTunes U, and through their web site:

11) Apple Offers a VoiceOver Getting Started for Leopard Podcast

12) Developers of the Microsoft Word Save as Daisy plug-in plan to release two 
versions in the next four months. They are seeking a variety of beta testers. 
If interested, choose the category "Project Microsoft Save as DAISY Beta" and 
fill out the form here:

13) Accessibility reviews of Google Chrome version 0.2, Acefire version 1.0, 
TeamTalk version 3.5, and Weather Underground have been addedd to the 
AccessWatch database.

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