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Hi all - for info, and as always, if any visually impaired peeps want to have a go, do reply directly to the organiser and not to me.All the bestJust

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Please read the guide at the top of the Applicant’s Form on how to reply to this invitation. 
 The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club
 Dear VI Sailor or Would-be Sailor                                                                                      Sailing Vision Week 2023 – Blind Week08-15 July – Falmouth, Cornwall Happy New Year! This is a warm invitation for you to participate in Sailing Vision Week 2023 which is being held in the West Country this year, starting in Falmouth on Saturday 08 July, ending on Saturday 15 July, and is facilitated through the Sailing Vision Trust. The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club will be hosting the week, including the opening and closing night dinners.  Yachts will be berthed in the Falmouth Yacht Haven in Falmouth Harbour at the start and finish of the event. Participants will gather during the afternoon of Saturday 08 July and we start the week with an opening dinner at the lovely Royal Cornwall clubhouse that evening. Having sailed to a variety of locations along the south-west coast during the week, the yachts and their crews will re-convene at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club for the closing dinner on the evening of Friday 14 July.  The event will then end on the morning of Saturday 15 July when crews will disembark their yachts and return home. If you are visually impaired and would like to apply for a place to crew on a yacht for the week please fill in your responses to the questions below and reply to this email as soon as possible – at the latest by Friday 31 March 2023.   Sailing Vision Week 2023 will be subject to any ongoing Covid conditions that may be current at the time of the event, but one way or the other we are confident that the event will progress as planned! To avoid crossed wires, please be sure to reply to this email, even if you have previously phoned, messaged, or told us that you would like to participate in Sailing Vision Week - Blind Week 2023! This year’s VI participant’s fee has been set at £270 – only a small increase on 2022.  Furthermore, SVT Trustees and the charity’s supporters are particularly keen to encourage younger visually impaired participants in the 18-25 year age group onto the water.  As a result of this support, for 2023 we are pleased to announce that we are trialling a discounted rate for those participants who are aged 18-25 on the first Saturday of the event, and the fee for this category will be 50% of the standard fee above.  Once again, should the event be cancelled or its dates/venues changed, then the VI fee for a place on Sailing Vision Week will be fully refundable. If you haven’t participated in Sailing Vision Week before, please read the document ‘What’s it all About?’ – a description by regular VI participants which follows on from this letter (as we’ve been told that email attachments can sometimes be a headache!) We should emphasise that you really do not need any prior sailing experience to participate in and really enjoy Sailing Vision Week!  Complete beginners and newcomers are just as warmly welcomed as experienced VI sailors whose skills have been developed over many sea miles.  If you know of any visually impaired person who may not be aware of the event, but might also like to come along, or any friend who doesn’t appear to have received this email, please do ask them to contact us - or you can simply copy this email onto them.  There is also information about Sailing Vision Week – Blind Week on our website which can be viewed at https://www.sailingvision.org/blind-sailing-weekThe RYA’s video of the event is also a useful introduction and can be found at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRcuegEsGdw&app=desktop Please note that Sailing Vision Week only caters for applicants over 18 years old.  In addition, the sailing yachts used are not specially equipped or adapted to cater for physical disabilities. Therefore, the event requires moderate agility by all the crew, including all VI participants.  This agility requirement is set out in the ‘What’s It All About’ document, Section 4.  We ask all applicants to confirm that they meet it so that they can themselves climb aboard and move around participating yachts. At this early planning stage it is impossible to offer firm places until we know the availability of boats.  Hence, while we will quickly acknowledge receipt of your application, we will only be able to confirm your place and your provisional yacht allocation after the closing date at the end of March, so please do not make firm (especially uncancellable) travel, etc bookings until then. We very much look forward to hearing from you!  If you would like to take part in the event please respond directly to this email by completing the VI Applicant’s Form below and then send this whole email back, with your entries on it, as a reply to: mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(the address which it was sent from). Once again - our best wishes for 2023… a year in which we hope you’ll spend some of your time on the water, sailing with us! Best wishes 
Will Bridge  Rosie Shorman
Will BridgeRosie Shorman
Co-ordinator, Sailing Vision WeekAdministrator, Sailing Vision Week
 Sailing Vision Trust (Charity No 1197634/www.sailingvision.org)31 Pacific CloseSouthampton SO14 3TXmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Sailing Vision Week – Blind Week What’s It All About? Guidance Notes for and by Visually Impaired Sailors and Would-be Sailors Sailing Vision Week is an enjoyable and sociable week of cruising around the coastline in sailing yachts.  As VI crew you are welcome, whether you have sailed before or are a complete beginner.  1.             What is Sailing Vision Week? Over 20 yachts take part in the week and they are divided into 4 smaller groups or ‘fleets’ each of which sail to different destinations each day.  Sailing Vision Week starts on a Saturday afternoon, when you are greeted by your skipper and fellow crew followed by dinner at the host yacht club.  Sailing starts on the Sunday and continues until Friday afternoon.  Sailing Vision Week ends with another dinner back at the host yacht club on the Friday evening, before participants travel home on Saturday morning.  Sailing is reliant on the weather and the coastline you are sailing.  Depending on the plan for your fleet and weather conditions, sailing days can be long or short.  Your skipper will talk through the plan for each day and your first day will be a careful introduction to sailing safely and the feel of the boat and will usually involve only a short sail. 2.             Who Will I Be Sailing With? Sailing Vision Week is run by volunteers.  Yachts are offered or chartered for the week and the skippers and sighted crew are all volunteers who give their time to sail with us.  The money that you pay is not to cover the cost of hiring a boat or for the time of the skipper – both are freely given for the event.  Rather it is your contribution to the cost of your share of the food and mooring fees, etc for the week.  Sighted volunteers are all from different sailing backgrounds, from local club sailors to those who race and those who cruise around the world.  Many of the skippers and other crew have volunteered for over 20 years, so have a great deal of sailing experience and experience of sailing with visually impaired people.  On each boat there is a skipper, who is in charge of the boat and the safety of all crew on board.  The number of sighted crew on board is at least the same as the number of VI crew.  A couple of weeks before the event your skipper will be in direct contact with you to provide any information that you may need and to find out about any special needs or concerns you may have.   3.             What Is The Accommodation Like On Board? No two yachts have identical layouts.  The yachts participating range in length from around 30ft to 50ft and vary in design, from motor sailors to racing yachts.   Being a yacht, your accommodation will be compact to say the least.  You may be asked to share a cabin with someone of the same gender and the accommodation may be either in bunk beds or next to someone in a cabin designed for two people.  Whether you feel this is ‘nice and cosy’ or ‘cooped up in a wardrobe’, it is not an environment for anyone with serious claustrophobia! There will not be much space to spread your belongings around so it’s best to live out of your bag for the week.  A soft bag is key to stowing your kit – definitely not a suitcase!  All yachts have a toilet and sink in a small compartment for use during the night and day.   In the evenings you will be tied up on a pontoon, mooring buoy or maybe at anchor.  Where possible you will be able to go ashore to use toilet and shower facilities.  However, any nights where this is not possible you will be able to use the toilet and have a wash (but not shower) on board.  Most evenings you will have the opportunity to socialise with crew from other yachts in your fleet. 4.             Do I Need To Be Very Fit And Active To Come On Sailing Vision Week? You don't need to be extra fit to come on Sailing Vision Week and you can do as much as you feel comfortable with.  But, and it’s a real but, you do need to be able to get up and down from the dock up to the boat, be able to climb over the guard rails on the side of the yacht, and from the deck down a short, steep set of steps to the accommodation inside the yacht, as well as be able to manage in a fairly confined living space.  In some locations it may not be possible to tie up to a pontoon and you may also need to climb into and out of an inflatable dinghy to go ashore.  A reasonable yardstick would be if you feel you could climb onto a chair, or up a stepladder, and this is the amount of agility we ask you to honestly confirm you have when you apply to take part. 5.             What Is Sailing On A Yacht Like? All of the yachts are different; hence they sail, feel and handle differently, but all are safe.  You can do as much or as little on the boat as you want.  This will always be under the supervision and subject to the consent of the skipper with safety considerations in mind.  If you want to learn more about sailing or particular skills during the week, you are encouraged to discuss this with your skipper, who will try to facilitate this.  As part of the yacht's crew, you can help with the sail trim, hoisting and winching, helming/steering and any other aspect of handling the yacht - your skipper and sighted crew will support you where needed.  There are audio compasses (in standalone and smartphone App form) and 3D talking charts to help you participate to the maximum! The weather conditions and sailing area can be different each day and they can change quickly.  All boats will heel (lean) to a certain point whilst sailing.  This can feel strange at first but it is perfectly normal and should not be a cause for concern.  By the end of the week you will have tried something new, been challenged in a supportive way and experienced the camaraderie of sailing with the rest of your crew and with people on other yachts. 6.             What Should I Bring With Me? Your luggage should be packed in a soft bag, not a suitcase or trunk, to make it easy to stow on board.  Note that it is usually cooler sailing out on the water than on land, so it is a good idea to bring plenty of layers of clothing and to be prepared for all weather and a range of temperatures – we're sailing in England rather than the Mediterranean after all!Here are some suggestions of items that you should think about bringing in addition to the items that you would pack for any other trip: ·                   sleeping bag and small pillow or soft clothing that you can use as a pillow·                   waterproof jacket and trousers (let your skipper and the Sailing Vision Week Co-ordinator know in advance if you don't have waterproofs as we can arrange for you to borrow a set)·                   boots or non-slip footwear (many people prefer to wear footwear that protects your toes to avoid stubbing them or hurting your feet; footwear with a good grip helps to avoid slipping on a wet deck surface).  Open toed sandals and flip flops are not suitable when sailing·                   layers of clothing to keep you warm (synthetic fleeces, etc are best for keeping dry and warm)·                   swimwear (in case of an opportunity to go swimming!)·                   a small or quick-dry towel·                   sun cream, sunglasses and a hat (as you are more likely to get burnt when sailing)·                   if you want to start recording your sailing miles you can get hold of and bring a logbook produced by the Royal Yachting Association·                   some spending money – the fee you pay for the week covers all your food and drink whilst on board and you will not be expected to pay any more for this – however, any drinks ashore (eg at a bar or pub when socialising) will be extra and this is something that is discussed and agreed with your skipper early on in the week·                   obviously guide dogs have to be left behind, but do bring walking canes, other aids and any medication you normally use  To respond to this email, please start by pressing reply (but do not yet press send), then scroll down to the VI Applicant’s Form, typing your answers in the gaps (the gaps are indicated by three dots – type after the dots).  After completing the VI Applicant’s Form then please reply by pressing send! Applications need to be received by Friday 31 March 2023 We will quickly acknowledge receipt of your application, but please note that the firm offer of a place and allocations to yachts will not be made until after the closing date at the end of March.   VI APPLICANT’S FORM I, (insert full name)   …                                     would like to apply for a place on Sailing Vision Week - Blind Week 2023My email address is …and my phone number (preferably mobile) is …I am aged 18-25 (yes/no) …I am aged 26 or above (yes/no) …I confirm I have read the document ‘What’s it all about’ and I can confirm that I have understood and meet the moderate agility needs as set out in section 4 (answer yes/no) … (You will be asked for details of any relevant health conditions, dietary requirements, etc, at a later date, if offered a place on the event)  

Sailing Vision Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission (Registration No 1197634).  You are receiving this email because you have given consent for us to retain your details on our mailing list, which is used for the sole purposes of facilitating Sailing Vision Week - Blind Week and other outdoor activities for those with visual impairment.  If you no longer wish to receive emails from us please reply to this email with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject field.

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