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In our nomadic life, always traveling, sailing and living in different parts of 
the world, now we have been lucky enough to stop at a magnificent place, in the 
top of the mountain, above the clouds.

Every dawn a sea of ​​clouds below us colored paint, giving this beautiful 
place a touch magical, full of light, the landscape is different every second 
letting the imagination create islands, mountains, castles and cities, where in 
reality there is only clouds and down far below the city of Las Palmas of Gran 
Canaria, these magical sunrises make this place a unique space. As the sun 
heats and advancing daylight hours begins to open the magical world of 
imagination and lets us see the outline of the island, its villages and cities.

This paradise above the clouds, called the black Montañón, is a living space, 
surrounded by volcanic rocks that tell the story of the years, overrun with 
towering pine forests that drop their leaves painted with sprigs of fools 
various ways, lots of chestnut trees, apple and pear fruit with spice up the 
earth, magical and unique views which may sound, life itself is also reflected 
in the organic vegetable where you plant and harvest seasonal vegetables. Here 
life takes on meaning, the force provided by nature spreads giving its visitors 
peace and quiet harmony.

The green space that has flooded our eyes filled us with creativity and over 
three weeks we have developed all kinds of small art projects, as well as also 
has expanded the palate of children that planting and reaping what you have 
eaten learned to enjoy their food more.

We are deeply grateful for this experience, strength and inspiration he has 
given us in touch with nature, breathes and inspires serenity and with this we 
loaded the batteries to pursue our dream of circumnavigating the world, 
knowing, recognizing and inventing new places.

While we filled green eyes, the RUSALKA and Marc spent their days in the 
shipyard, working and ready for putting on this new stage towards Brazil. 
Thanks to Juan Massieu for letting us live in this little paradise and great 
thanks to the island of Gran Canaria for its incredible scenery, smiling people 
and unparalleled hospitality.

Back to sea, accompanied by Uma RUSALKA, Pali, Marc, Daniela and Clipperton 
project members.
The Clipperton Project Thank you for the opportunity to participate together in 
this amazing discovery project.

rusalka family.
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