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Thanks Sue for this talk. I found it very interesting but did wonder if a book produced in the style suggested mightn't be a bit boring? Topic for further conversations maybe?
Cath Philps

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 Happy New Year Everyone!

Rootstech have a video of a presentation from last year by Penelope  Stratton from the New England Historic Genealogical  Society called Writing and Publishing a family History in 10 steps.  It goes for about an hour and contains some good tips.

www.rootstech.org/blog/writing-and-publishing-a-family-history-10-steps?et_cid=1581932&et_rid=111762438&linkid=blog+3&cid=em-rt-9488 <https://www.rootstech.org/blog/writing-and-publishing-a-family-history-10-steps?et_cid=1581932&et_rid=111762438&linkid=blog+3&cid=em-rt-9488>


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