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This is really good news.  I just bought an android phone and downloaded an app 
called SkyEye.  It's uses the phone's accelerometers to shows the sky in the 
direction it's pointing, but it has limited catalog and search capability.  I'm 
anxious to try SkySafari.

Paul Lind 

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Beevo, I used the SEARCH feature today to test this and when selected, an entry 
window appears at the top of the screen.   (There are also several catalogs 
shown below that which allow you to search by catalog.)  I tried a few things, 
by typing in things like STF 737 and IC 1732, and it pulled up data on both, 
and then centered them on the screen when I asked them. The INFO option also 
showed a wealth of info about each object.  I have yet to really push the 
double star database (by looking for search obscure items as STI1176 or MLB 
932), but apparently the PLUS version has every NGC, IC, and most other popular 
catalogs (including Messier, Caldwell, PK, and others) in it.  An impressive 
little package!

Richard Harshaw
Cave Creek, Arizona
Brilliant Sky Observatory


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