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Rick, I applied for clearance today.  Sheesh, the hard part was finding 3
references I could trust to speak on my behalf.  (Just kidding)


Dick H



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I've spoken with Krissy, the GS leader and am making preliminary plans to
help her with this. Several folks expressed interest in helping out as well.
Please let me know if you are still interested. If so, Girl Scouts require
all volunteers to have a background check done, a sign of the times, no
doubt. This can be done on line by going to the link below. If you plan to
help please fill out and submit the online form as soon as practical. Let me
know when you do so, so I can advise Krissy. 


As soon as I get the badge requirements, I'll pass them along.  I'll also
get more details on the "Accommodations" I believe there will be cabins
available for us. 


This is a great outreach opportunity for a very worthwhile organization.
Please let me know if you're free to help out.


Here is the link to the Girl Scout site for the background check:




Thanks in Advance

Clear Skies 

Rick Tejera 

Editor SACnews 

Saguaro Astronomy Club 

Phoenix, Arizona 

 <http://www.saguaroastro.org/> www.saguaroastro.org 



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Can anyone help Krissy?  I'm seriously thinking of postponing our Stone
Haven pot luck/star party on the 26th and going to this instead.

Steve Dodder
President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
Director, Stone Haven Observatory 



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Subject: looking for a Astronomer April 26-27
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Hello my name is Krissy Kinsey I 'm the head coordinator of the La Promesa
brownie girl scout encampment. We are trying to find an Astronomer(s) to go
with us to encampment in Prescott AZ for the weekend to teach the 1st, 2nd,
3rd, few 4th,5th grades (about 96 girl scouts 12 in each rotation) about the
night sky, we are offering you cabin bunks and lunch, dinner, breakfast and
lunch. This event will take place April 26-27 Sat 8am-9:30pm and Sunday
7am-3pm. If you fill it would be best if you came up Friday night to get a
head start and do stargazing before hand this would just fine,  as I will be
there Friday to set up the other rotation.. You and your lovely wife are
invited. We have a cabin just for the men and cabins just for the lovely
females. This is a rule we have to go by GSUSA rules, as they rule over me.
I would love to have you work with the girls and there leader to teach them
about space as we live in surprise AZ and can't always see much of the night
sky from all the city lights. Saturday night we would like the girls to be
able to do stargazing we have one telescope we are able to bring but it is a
novice scope. So if you have one or 2 the girls can spy on the night sky
with. That would be so cool for them to be able to see what they just
learned about. In the day time Saturday and Sunday we would like the girls
to work on there badge/ try its work. This is learning about what a
constellation is and makes a star maker with a constellation. How the earth
and moon move around the sun. What is an eclipse of the moon and sun?  Each
group will have 1h and 15mins and there is 5 rotations sat., and 3 rotations
on Sunday.  If you are interested in this event please call me soon, as we
need to fill this soon.


Thank you,

Krissy Kinsey 

Coordinator, and troop leader of troops 781 and JR troop 4005

Home # is 623 266 2294

cell # is 623 853 7958







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