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One of my kids went to Millennium, not sure what I can do, but count me in. 

Chuck Akers  

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Folks, I received this request for help from a local high school
student who wants to refurbish her school’s observatory and return it to
operation.  I am willing to help her.  Anyone want to join me?  If so, please
reply so I can make contact with Ally and set up a meeting. 




Richard Harshaw 

Cave Creek, Arizona 

Brilliant Sky Observatory 


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Subject: Re: Millennium High School Observatory Project

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I have very limited experience with telescopes, so it was my wish
to have any assistance possible in the pre planning (The bottom of the
observatory has been damaged and needs to be rebuilt, but I would not know
where to begin with drafting those plans) and then with the assembly of the
telescope near the end of the project. Any and all help is entirely welcome!  

Thank you so much, 

Ally Carr 


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Subject: RE: Millennium High School Observatory Project 

Ally, how can we help you? 


Richard Harshaw

President, Saguaro Astronomy Club

Owner, Brilliant Sky Observatory (Cave Creek, AZ)


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Subject: Millennium High School Observatory Project

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Date: Thu, August 26, 2010 1:24 pm

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Dear Richard Harshaw,

       My name is Ally Carr and I am a student at
Millennium High School in Goodyear, Arizona. It has recently come to my
attention that my High School has most of the equipment, including a rotating
observatory dome and telescopes, necessary to make an observatory. I have taken
it upon myself to propose the restoration of this facility as my senior

       Although this project has yet
to be approved, it is my hope that I may receive help from the
local Astronomy community. I believe it is incredibly important for my
community to have access to an observatory in working condition, not in pieces
scattered around campus. I can not do this without your help and expertise, and
I hope you will find interest in restoring Goodyear's access to the stars.  


Thank you so much for your time, 

Ally Carr 




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