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  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 14:35:37 -0700

Attached, boss.

Call for Observations
Ursa Major
Richard Harshaw

NGC 3184
8-inch SCT at 65x. 
It is large, faint and grainy. There is a sharp nucleus. The axis runs SE/NW.  
There is an 11 mag star on the N side.
This galaxy has churned out supernovae about as fast as a popcorn popper at a 
theater.  It was host to SN 1921B, 1921C, 1937F, and 1991gi (Type IIp).

NGC 3198
8-inch SCT at 65x. 
Faint, it has a NE to SW axis.  
A faint triangle of stars lies 20' E.
Rich field.
This galaxy produced supernova 1966J and 1999bw (type IIn).

NGC 2639
8-inch SCT at 65x.  
This looks like a faint, fuzzy star, elongated NW-SE.  It has a starlike 
nucleus and lies 16' NNE of 8.5 mag SAO 26972.

11-inch SCT at 193x.  
An oval haze without a nucleus just W of a 3-star chain.

This is a Seyfert galaxy and it lies in a field of ten (10) quasars!

NGC 2787
8-inch SCT at 65x. 
It has an oval shape (E-W) with a bright starlike nucleus.  
There is a 12 mag star about 5' S.

This is a Seyfert galaxy and it harbors a black hole at its core.

NGC 3310
8-inch SCT at 65x.  
Small, but bright, it lies just SW of 5.5 mag SAO 27724.  It has a bright, 
distinct nucleus with a short halo.  Some observers report a triangular shape, 
but I cant verify that.

This galaxy is a radio source.
SN 1991N (type Ic) was detected in this galaxy.

NGC 3488
11-inch SCT at 127x.  Narrow band filter.  
Small but not quite stellar nucleus and a splotchy halo.  
Very faint star on the S end.

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