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  • Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 14:28:36 -0800

I assume from your statement that you were there last Saturday. You,
therefore, have first hand experience. I was only told what I know second
hand. So, there was a sign that said 'no tailgating'? Interesting.

"Erdmann, Robert E" wrote:

> It certainly was effective in keeping the riff-raff out, though, wasn't
> it?  All of us that saw the posted "no tailgating" rule assumed it would
> be enforced, and chose alternate sites for viewing.  So much for posted
> star party rules.....
> /Bob
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> I just learned that one reason for the no tailgating condition in
> previous NASP events was that they were held in a meadow on Mingus
> mountain. The forest service did not want anyone to drive on it. The no
> tailgate rule makes sense if this is true. I was told that at the Cherry
> Road site last Saturday, a number of people did tailgate. Apparently the
> no tailgate rule was not enforced then. Stan

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