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  • Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 14:50:09 -0700

Hi Rick,
I vote yes,  Susan

>From: "Rick Tejera" <saguaroastro@xxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [sac-board] Re: T-Shirt Sales Report
>Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 14:44:55 -0700
>We one more vote yea to proceed. IF we could get this done, so Jack could
>get the wheels turning.
>Rick Tejera
>Editor SACnews
>Saguaro Astronomy Club
>Phoenix, Arizona
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>On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 23:02:44 -0700, Jack Jones wrote:
> > Hello Board,
> >
> > The T-Shirt design was well-received and the great turnout at the MM
> > ensured the sale of most of the shirts (67 sales out of 75), so our
> > initial costs were recouped and then some (we made out). I'd like to
> > request that we print another couple dozen for those whose sizes ran
> > out and some who paid in hopes we would do a reprint. The printer said
> > 25-30 would be sufficient to re-set up the screens for another go.
>Only two board members have voted on this issue (Rick and myself).  Jack
>will most likely prefer to bring the new t-shirts to the April meeting
>rather than dragging the vote out until the board meeting.
>So would Paul, Susan, Jennifer, and/or Tom please provide a yes or no vote
>       -Paul

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