[sac-board] Re: TBird Spring Star Party May 10

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You may have missed the last Board mtg when these were allocated to Gene along 
with other club so-called 'junk' to dispose of as he saw fit. The lites do 
have nostalgia value I guess, but perhaps the Club should invest in some 
light-weight and smaller and less battery-expensive red lights (10,000+-hour 
life and not orange like these) that are available these days. I haven't seen 
or had to deal with a 6V lantern battery in a long time.


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Gene, are these yellow that sit on a squarish base and, presumably, blink
red?  If so shouldn't they be part of the properties?  They work well during
the Messier Marathons marking the entrance or exit between twilight.  I'd
like these to be setup for this year's event.

Clear skies,

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I have the olde SAC blinkers up here in the garage, if somebody wants to
spring for some fresh batteries....
(6V lantern cells, I think...) Not enough of  'em for a full mile,

Jack Jones wrote:

>Maybe, if it doesn't affect their budget. I don't know how they plan to
>execute that, it's like a mile. I'm calling her again tomorrow.
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>Any way of getting them to use red lights?
>Clear Skies
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