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I got back with the Glendale Parks ranger on Friday.

1. The time will be 7:00 to 9:30 PM and that's what I will be telling the 
media. It doesn't really matter for us, we can pretty much show up whenever we 
want, identifying ourselves as having a scope.

2. They are going to get some of the small portable walk-way type lights that 
you can buy at Target or Walmart. They are suitably dim white lights and may 
be like the ones we used at N-Rim GCSP, which were good. She states there 
won't be that many of them and they'll be mostly beyond the hill into the 
site. Someone needs to go to Target or Walmart and examine them for possible 
purchase and use by the Club with modifications to make them red. I have a 
roll of red cellophane somewhere myself. Could be a cheaper and more lasting 
alternative to the lantern battery type.

3. Ranger will have to gather more data on the entry points and road 
construction and when it will be completed and what the arrangement will be by 
May, and will report back.

Jack Jones
SAC Public Events Coordinator

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Hi AJ,

A less expensive, "greener" option might be for the club to get a few of
those solar powered marker lights like the ones that EVAC had marking the
port-a-johns at All Arizona. I think someone said they came from Harbor

Jimmy Ray

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Gene, are these yellow that sit on a squarish base and, presumably, blink
red?  If so shouldn't they be part of the properties?  They work well during

the Messier Marathons marking the entrance or exit between twilight.  I'd
like these to be setup for this year's event.

Clear skies,

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I have the olde SAC blinkers up here in the garage, if somebody wants to
spring for some fresh batteries....
(6V lantern cells, I think...) Not enough of  'em for a full mile,

Jack Jones wrote:

>Maybe, if it doesn't affect their budget. I don't know how they plan to
>execute that, it's like a mile. I'm calling her again tomorrow.
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>Any way of getting them to use red lights?
>Clear Skies
>Rick Tejera
>Editor SACnews
>Saguaro Astronomy Club
>Phoenix, Arizona

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