[sac-board] Star Party Disclaimer

  • From: Paul Dickson <sac-treasurer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: SAC Board <sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 18:03:05 -0700

    I was looking at the files I had on the web and I realized that SAC's
star party disclaimer is probably not included in your handout about star
party sites.  Could you please include it so it's on page two or three
(the front of the second physical page)?


Everyone (Anyone?),
    Should this be on our web site too?


\centerline{\bigtitle Star Party Disclaimer}

As a matter of information for our members and general public, we must
advise you that the Saguaro Astronomy Club is not responsible for the
property or liability of any individual member or any other
participant at our star parties, nor will the club held liable for
their actions or possessions.  It is important that you have your own
insurance coverage in force to protect you in the unlikely event that
a loss may occur.


This would include such items as your own personal possessions.  Any
telescopes with accessories, including cables, etc., are the sole
responsibility of you, the owner.  The Saguaro Astronomy Club is not
responsible for any damage, loss or theft of these items.


The Saguaro Astronomy Club is not responsible for any injuries that
may occur at our star parties.  Due to the lack of light, it is vital
that everyone pay attention to their own safety as well as the safety
of others as they are setting up and moving about the site, to avoid
any potential trips and falls over cables or other items set about.


The Saguaro Astronomy Club is not responsible for any damage, theft,
or mechanical difficulties that may result in the transit of
individually owned vehicles as they travel to and from the place of
our gathering, including any possible off road traversing.


Should property damage or bodily injury result from the actions of any
member of the club or our other welcome participants, the liability
and responsibility for these damages/injuries is the sole liability of
the party responsible and will need to be addresses by their own
insurance.  This could include such an occurrence as fire damage, for
instance, to the land that we traverse or set our site upon, whether
it be public land or private land --- fire damage potentially caused
by campfires, careless extinguishing of cigarettes or other burning


It is our hope that all will enjoy and benefit from our star parties,
and no incident will occur, but it is imperative that all concerned be
aware of and understand fully that the Saguaro Astronomy Club is not
liable for the actions or property of those participating.  Most cases
of these type of losses may be covered by individual homeowners or
automobile insurance policies.  If you have any questions about your
being covered individually for this, we recommend that you contact
your own insurance agent to discuss the details.


Thank you for understanding.  Please let us know if you should have
any questions.


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