[sac-board] SAC Meeting Minutes 2010/11/19

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Dick Harshaw open his last regular meeting at 1931.  We had one guest

Mitch Prause gave the treasurer's, membership renewals are due.  The
Christmas party will be at Mitch and Lori's house on December 18.

Steve Dodder reminded us of the 50/50 raffle and the novice group,  He
told us that the Grand Canyon Star Party at the north rim is nearly
full for self lodgers. For those camping spots will be available
starting in January.  The star party is June 18 through 25.  Steve has
the binocular telescope at the All-AZ star party two weeks ago.   It
was working and he gathered suggestions for finishing it.  Steve, as
the novice group chair, has become a contact for estate sales of
telescopes.  He had some lists of items that were available.

Jack Jones reported on recent school star parties that club members had
attended.  One of the recent ones was our first high school.

Dick showed a letter from the Lowell Observatory looking for funds for
the Discovery Channel Telescope.  The club approved a check for $250
towards staff housing near the scope.

Chris Hanrahan talked about his trip to Stewart Observatory Sky Center
in October which is Adam Block's Project.  He did imaging using the 32"
scope and showed images he made.

Paul Lind show images from the ATM meetings that take place on the
Tuesdays before the main meeting.  He also had images of the Pac-Man
nebula, West Veil nebula. East Veil, and M31. 

AJ Crayon awarded Tom Polakis 3 observing awards: SAC's 110 Best of the
NGC, 110 Beyond the NGC, and the Messier Catalog.

AJ Crayon announced that the Messier Marathon will be April 2, at the
same as the All-Arizona Star Party (near the Antennas site).  We will
be experimenting with allowing imaging of Messier objects for SAC and
EVAC members.  You only need to check-off objects at the site.

Dick Harshaw did another "What am I" to give away the book Hartung's
Astrometric Objects of the Southern Hemisphere.  The object was
Kemble's Cascade.

Ken Naiff had images of the All-Arizona Star Party which was attended
by SAC, EVAC, and TAAA.

Dick Harshaw introduced the four officers the were continuing next year
and held voice vote for these.  Then Ken Naiff and Chris Hanrahan moved
to the all for a vote to chose President.  Chris won.

Lori Prause suggested using another site for Cherry Road during our
summer season.  We should use JD Maddy's place for at least one month
once it gets warmer.

The break started at 2028 and continued at 2046.

Our speaker for the night was Gene Lucas with "The History (and Mystery)
of the Two Blue-Green Planets."  This was about the history and
information we know about Uranus and Neptune starting with the
discovery of Uranus by Herschel using a 6.5" f/13 telescope.

The meeting ended at 2154.  We had 36 people attending and 18 went to
JBs to talk more.

        -Paul Dickson

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