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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:40:34 -0700

I guess I missed something.  I emailed some people, talked to others, but not 
all at once.
Rosie was diagnosed with gall stones in November, so they did some tests and 
found her gall bladder was blocked.  The doctors thought it was critical, but 
Rosie had not had any symptoms whatever.  They referred her to a surgeon who 
repeated the tests and advised removing it, at the very least to find out why 
it failed the tests.  We figured, the only things that could happen if it 
wasn't removed were all bad, so we went ahead.  The surgery was scheduled for 
yesterday on Tuesday of last week, so we didn't have much notice time.

So, she had it removed and the doctor found it to be whithered, inflamed and 
nearly solid with stones, so it hadn't functioned for quite some time.  The 
only remaining mystery is, why she never had symptoms.  I figure it's because 
she actually _is_ tough as nails, as I always claimed, and simply ignored the 
pain.  :-)

Thanks to all that offered support.  She's doing just fine and should be back 
to "normal" in a week or so.  (Most likely against the advice of doctors.)

Last non-astro-club message.....for now.

Steve Dodder
President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
Director, Stone Haven Observatory


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