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  • From: Jeff <phxjeff@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 22:38:49 -0700

Hi Chris,
I can imagine the bugging. I suggest notifying anyone who wants a hard  
copy that they will be required to pay extra for it. Many  
organizations do this. If they don't then do away with the hard copy.

Hopkins Phoenix Observatory
Counting Photons
Phoenix, Arizona USA
International Epsilon Aurigae Campaign

On Mar 29, 2011, at 9:00 PM, Chris Hanrahan wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> So this newsletter-hard-copy-mailing-thing is bugging the crap out of
> me...and it needs to be settled somehow.  Here's what I was able to  
> find out
> about the two of the six remaining hard-copy requestors:
> 1) Dr. Martin H Ahlene of 523 Pine St, Kingman, AZ "died peacefully  
> after a
> long illness on Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at the age of 83...His life- 
> long
> interests were astronomy, history and classical music."
> According to the information recently submitted to me, Dr. Ahlene  
> was an
> honorary member.  I feel guilty for not even knowing who he was.
> That said, I believe we can remove his name from the hard-copy  
> mailing list.
> Also, if anyone knew Dr. Ahlene would they be willing to write  
> something up
> for the newsletter that would enlighten us newbies as to who he  
> was?  Just a
> thought.  Seems like we're losing too many good people lately...
> 2) By his own pen (or computer) on this very day Mr. Stanley  
> Gorodenski
> said, "Since I am not a SAC member..."  That said, I believe we can  
> remove
> his name from the hard-copy mailing list.
> 3) The remaining four have let their memberships lapse according to  
> the
> latest information forwarded to me from Rick Tejera.
> So that leaves us with four individual members receiving hard-copy
> newsletters...if they pay their dues.  Since dues are not paid,  
> maybe we do
> not need to send any of these hard-copy mailings out.  No, I'm not  
> trying to
> be a newsletter-nazi...just making a point.
> Talk to you all soon...
> Chris

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