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  • From: "AJ Crayon" <acrayon@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:20:35 -0700

Charlie, yes I discovered that accidentally last year when I went to pickup 
up some plates.  I believe they were at the old location when they were 
ordered, but for some reason decided on checking their site before leaving 
to pickup the plates.  Imagine my surprise if the old location was where I 
went?  No I'd rather not!!:))

There is a gentleman in Alabama, David Hofland, that just turned in his 110 
Best NGC that I'm in the process of reviewing.  Should finish in the next 
few days or so, then will make the order.  His membership should be up to 
date, is it?

Thanks and clear skies,

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Subject: [sac-board] Re: Name Plate Distribution

I have notified them.
Did you know they moved?

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Subject: [sac-board] Name Plate Distribution

> Did anyone notify Name Plate Distribution about our change in treasurer?
> These folks are the ones that produce name plates for our members.  They
> also produce the telescope plates.  Reason I ask is because I will need to
> order a telescope plate in about a week or so.  In the past, when it was
> picked up they sent the bill to the, then, treasurer.  Now they should
> send it to the new one and I don't know if they have been notified.
> Anyone know anything about this?
> Clear skies,
> aj

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