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  • Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 21:36:05 -0700

Below are the minutes from the May general meeting...please contact me with
any corrections.



Saguaro Astronomy Club
Minutes of General Meeting
May 7, 2004

The meeting was called to order sometime prior to the secretary?s arrival at
1938MST.  The secretary?s irresponsibility has cost the membership an
accurate report of the meeting?s starting time.  He should drummed from
office for this lack of concern.  There were 44 attendees at this time.

1. President Thad Robosson asked any visitors to identify themselves, but by
the time this reporter arrived, this had concluded.  The secretary should be

2. Thad related that treasurer Al Stiewig couldn?t attend the meeting, but
had sent a report on the club?s finances.  There is $1257.14 in the checking
account, $4328.25 in the savings account and $49 on-hand.  This yields a
total of $5634.39.  There is also one month?s room rental paid.

3. Thad announced a star party sponsored by the Salvation Army near Heber.
Contact him for details.

4. A.J. Crayon thanked correspondents for their contributed observations for
the ?Last Call? column in the newsletter.  Refer to the newsletter for the
constellations for the next column and a correction to the double star list.

5. Gene Lucas reported that the members have been invited to participate in
the annual Astronomy Day activities at the Arizona Science Center.  This
year it will be May 15 at the Science Center.  Park at the Heritage Square
lot on 5th street, one mile north.  Get a badge and parking validation at
the lobby desk in the center.  There will be displays and, hopefully,
telescopes to view the sun.  He had flyers for the Astronomy Day and
Telescope workshop.

6. Paul Dickson brought some items to sell.  He had several binders for $1,
books for $5 each, an HP-41CV programmable calculator for $10 and a 1.5
Megapixel digital camera with extra lenses for $40.  He also had a separate

7. Jack Jones reported that we can get the Honeywell rate at Kinko?s for the
newsletter and asked if the club would fund an additional $10 per month to
have the newsletter folded and stapled by Kinko?s.  There was a motion to do
so; it was seconded.  The motion passed.

8. A representative from Sirius Lookers in Sedona relayed an invitation to
join them at their Stoneman Lake observing site the next two weekends if the
weather cooperates.

9. Show and Tell:
Steve Dodder gave a short update on the Schwar Binocular Chair restoration.
For more information, see Steve?s website at
http://www.stargazing.net/astroman.  He also said that he has a supply of
Ebony Star that he could be persuaded to part with.

Tom Polakis presented information on three comets presently in the sky.
Comets LINEAR, NEAT and Bradfield.  He showed simulations of each?s orbit
and nine images of the comets and attendant observing activity.  Two of the
images were taken by Vello Tolu

Steve Coe had a pair of flyers, one on comets and the other with maps and
directions to the club?s observing sites.  He then showed six images of
photographs that he had scanned on his (very accommodating, sweet, almost
perfect) wife?s new scanner.  The images included comet Bradfield, the Milky
Way, comet NEAT and M46 and M47, a pair of wide angle images and an image
showing the light dome of Phoenix from the Flat Iron site.  He had available
for sale, 4 x 6 inch prints of the Comet NEAT/M46/M47 image.

There was a break at 2025MST

The meeting reconvened at 2045.
Before the speaker, Thad listed upcoming events:
 May 8, Cherry Road,
 May 15, Cherry Road, sunset at 1930MST, moonrise at 0400MST
 June 1, (Tuesday), ATM and Astroimaging SIGs at Precision Guitar
 June 4, June General Meeting at Grand Canyon University, Room 105 in
Fleming Building
 June 12, Cherry Road, sunset at 1940MST, moonrise at 0234MST

Thad then yielded to Jennifer T.P. Keller who introduced the evening?s
speaker.  George DeLange delivered a talk entitled ?Ancient Astronomy? about
what he called ?astro-archeology.?  He presented a description of ancient
Mesoamerican astronomy and the ancient?s prediction of the end of the world
on December 21, 2012.  Apparently the Christmas shopping season will be cut
short that year.

The meeting adjourned at 2256MST and attendees were invited to continue the
talk and mutual verbal abuse at J.B.?s at 35th Avenue and Northern.

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