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I think that's a good idea. My guess is a lot of guys would use XL.

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> Hey Board,
> The press is still set up for our shirt and will be the next couple days 
> and
> then they break it down and it will take a big order to set it back up. I
> didn't get any orders at the event, but we could use the opportunity to
> order some XL shirts which we ran out of and some people didn't get. Can I
> tell them to print us 6 or 8 XLs to sell at the meeting? We would have to
> sell 3 or 4 shirts to break even. Let me know today Monday.
> Jack
> Rich: Hey that would work. Thanks!
> Richard Harshaw wrote:
>> Well-done, Jack.  At the next BM, I'll ask that letters of thanks be sent 
>> to
>> all parties you mention.
>> Richard Harshaw
>> Cave Creek, AZ
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>> Hello Board,
>> We sold 60 shirts at the Messier Marathon. 15 shirts remain unsold. I 
>> will
>> bring them to the next SAC meeting to sell. They are mostly L and XXL. 
>> The
>> shirts went for $15 ea plus $2 for some of the larger sizes. I gave one
>> shirt to Don Machholz for the use of his name. (He then offered to 
>> autograph
>> shirts on request!) Our cost for materials, screens and artwork/film was
>> $585.50 but we already paid $200, so we netted about $300, plus we'll get
>> another $225 if we sell all the shirts. About equal to other major shirt
>> sales we did. I will send the proceeds and the invoice to Charlie for
>> payment.
>> At the next meeting the Board needs to thank everyone who bought a shirt 
>> in
>> support of the Club, and also Derek Poertner who gave direction and did 
>> the
>> hoofing, and John Snider at Snider Graphics who pretty much did a benefit
>> for us in support of our Club.
>> Jack

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