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Looks OK.
Do you realize this will force some people to upgrade their browser software? 
IE6 works, everything else had to be updated to the latest versions.
As an FYI: Some may not like this because of no backward compatibility and an 
inability to update/check things at work.


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>Before I give my blessing, can this be set up so multiple people can edit &
>update? I'd like to have the board & committee charifolk to have privileges
>ton update & modify as needed.
>Also you forgot to add the May Star party 
>Rick Tejera 
>Editor SACnews
>Saguaro Astronomy Club
>Phoenix, Arizona
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>On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:40:50 -0700, Rick Tejera wrote:
>> I agree with AJ, the information is already on the website, which is 
>> where folks are going to first check. Not to mention it adds one more 
>> thing to keep current, kind of defeats the KISS principle.
>Ditto and more so for SAC's calendar page.  Also, which is more
>complicated: a link to a calendar page or a link to a calendar page?
>SAC's calendar page tries to load a PDF without first warning you.  I've
>added Firefox extensions to block PDFs, so I get just an empty web page.
>Acroread is a resource hog (which doesn't normally exit until the browser
>quits) which is why I block PDFs.
>Since the Kiko calendar is editable via a web browser, you don't need a PDF
>creator nor a web page creator.
>BTW - The PDF that's on SAC's calendar page has the wrong meeting date for
>November.  So does: http://www.saguaroastro.org/content/Meetings.htm
>View http://www.kiko.com/calendar/saguaroastro by the Month view.
>       -Paul

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