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On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:08:20 -0700, Rick Tejera wrote:

> Before I give my blessing, can this be set up so multiple people can =
edit &
> update? I'd like to have the board & committee charifolk to have =
> ton update & modify as needed.

I think it might be able to do it.  I'd like to get Jack to create his
own account with entries for new event (ones not already listed in the
saguaroastro account).  Then he can add "saguaroastro" as an attendee.
(These events might also need to be set to public too, but we'd need to
experiment in any case.)

Jack, do you want to try to create an account something along

        The reason I'd like multiple people to have access to post is so folks =
can post event they coordinate and also if some one is away, the =
information can be posted, instead of waiting for them to return. We can =
pare the list of posters down if needed but I would think bare minimum =
would be Myself, you, Paul Lind, Jack & Stan Clark.=20

What is the process to access? I imagine it is by a login ID, If only =
one ID is allowed, I can't see the harm in disseminating it to those who =
we determine should have access. =20

> Also you forgot to add the May Star party=20

It was there, I just hadn't made it publicly visible (fixed now).  I =
set the default for all new entries to be "public".  Logging in and out
was a bit difficult.  The program likes to remember that you were logged

For future uses (and I doubt we would do this) we might have the general
meeting entry send out a reminder automatically to sac-announce.  This
would entail adding meeting details to the entry (notes field?).

        I actually like this idea, at the very least the day & time would be =
out there. As Speakers are confirmed the entry could be updated. What =
reservations do you have about this?

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