[sac-board] Re: Interactive Member services form, SACnews style

  • From: Paul Dickson <dickson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: SAC Board <sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:02:24 -0700

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002 12:53:20 -0400, Tejera, Rick wrote:

> Attached is a pdf of your Member services form that I converted to the style
> of SACnews. I also made the fields interactive. The membership option are
> radio buttons (except for the name tag. Address fields can be user input.
> magazine and mailing list subscriptions are check box forms. This should
> make it easier for you to read the forms when they are returned to you.
> I also tightened up some of the wording to make it sound a better (the
> editor in me taking over here) the biggest change I made was to the
> SAC-Board mailing list. The way it was worded could possibly lead folks to
> believe that the list is for board members only. New wording take that
> ambiguity out.
> Anyway since I can't post an attachment, please post it and advised the
> board list for comments.

You can find Rick's version at:


Here are some of my suggested changes (* = important):

*       Removed the second pro-rated schedule.  This will be added later, like

        Change "al members" to "all members" under E-mailed Newsletter.

        Change "list desired. The e-mail...." to "desired list with the E-mail
        address indicated above." under SAC on the Internet.

        Move the header "SAC on the Internet" down some.  The previous 
        will shrink that paragraph, so moving the header down will improve how 

        If not doing so already, please place two spaces after the periods.

        Is there anyway you can shrink the file size.  Your's is nearly 6 times
        larger than mine.  This might not be a problem when included in the
        newsletter (no extra overhead), but it is as a stand-alone.

        Your idea for the change to SAC-Board good, but it should read "is a
        mailing list".  I'm not sure it it should be "discussion" or
        "discussions", both are good. Or maybe "arguing".  ;-)

I'm going to go with mine as a stand-alone until we hammer out the minor
problems in your version.  Besides, at club meetings, I need some
pre-printed copies and the membership check-box is always pre-checked on
my system.

I hope you aren't holding up the newsletter because of this.


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