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If anyone could untangle the North Rim mess it would be you.  But man o' man 
it's a tangle.  Maybe to look into it a bit more and get all versions of 
what happened last year before taking this on.  I think I thought I may have 
understood that the ranger on the N. Rim was just not interested as they 
have their own astronomy program.  Then you have to consider the lodge there 
is not owned by the National Park System so the question of lighting gets a 
little sticky.  The lodge patio where the starparty has been set up in the 
past is way too small and should only accommodate part of the star party 
like maybe 5 scopes esp. it they're ladder dobs.  Some thought has been 
given to having the star party elsewhere on the N. Rim or in the N. Kaibab 
Forest/Jacob Lake area but you'd need to have a shuttle much like the S. Rim 
in that case.  There is a large group campground that faces the Transept 
that might be a possibility--you probably needed to reserve it like last 
year though.  2 GCSP's ago Tom and I got some kind of double top secret 
permission (sort of) to camp on Cape Royal with the idea of figgerin if it 
would be a good star party venue.  It could really be the ideal spot--almost 
an island jutting out into the canyon, dark, restrooms, enough parking area 
for plenty of astronomers with scopes, but it's ~20 mile drive from Visitor 
Center on a curly road so shuttle bus would have to be mandatory for safety 
and for space restriction.  Oh, and when we camped there the wind almost 
blew our truck over--really.  But that may have been some sort of anomaly. 
Didn't get to observe but sure would've loved to.  Probably all stuff you 
know about anyway.
I know Bill Dellinges and his wife Laura did the N. Rim last year as 
well--They're in EVAC.  Maybe to talk with them a bit to see what they 
thought of the situation.

Another consideration is the SAC sponsored pizza lunch on the 1st Sunday at 
the S Rim; would that necessarily have to change?


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I think this is a great idea as long as we have a commitment to keep it
moving beyond this year. Perhaps a Standing Committee could be formed to
coordinate things.

While I certainly appreciate your willingness to take on the
responsibilities, I speak from personal experience that something that large
should have more than one person working it. Like it's SR counterpart, I can
see the event growing beyond your availability to ensure success.

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Hi all,
  I got a call from Margie Williams New Year's Eve asking if Rosie and I
would like to coordinate the North Rim version of the 2008 Grand Canyon Star
Party.  I told her we'd think about it, and we've decided we'd be willing,
but I'd like to run it by SAC and see what happens.  I talked with Dean
Ketelson, who as you know has coordinated the South Rim for 17 years now.
He informs me that the term "Sponsor" is somewhat misleading, and it boils
down to mostly a single contact for volunteers and acting as liason to the
National Forest Service Rangers.  We would handle the wide range publicity
and they would take care of in-park publicity.
  The North Rim has pretty much always been a mish mash of organization, (no
offense, Margie), with the Utah club sort of in charge.  When the
coordinators disappeared a few years ago, any form of organization went with
them.  Margie, Jack and Chuch did an admirable job.  I'd very much like to
make it more structured and successful, as the South Rim is.
  There are only a few things we'd need to do.
  First, I'd contact the designated Ranger to get things rolling, outlining
my intentions and org chart, as it were.
  Second, we'd have to change the info available to the main TAAA website on
GCSP 2008 saying the North Rim IS viable and whom to contact, (me).
  Third, set up our own web page on GCSPNR 2008 and coordinate with TAAA to
make sure our info is the same.
   Details to set up with NFS include setting aside camp sites for
volunteers, reserving the lecture hall for our traditional "Twilight Chats",
and publishing an info packet a'la Dean's volunteer packet.
  Distribution of the fee waivers and info packets have been converted to
email attachments, and Dean says there's no monetary output there anymore.
He had a slick banner printed up, (and approved as the only banner allowed
at SR), to announce the party to passers-by.  Could cost a couple hundred
bucks, so we'll need approval from the general membership.  Dean also has
included a "Complimentary Newsletter Membership" to TAAA for attending the
entire week.  I'd think we could do the same.  Since space is limited for
setup, we'd have to limit the number of volunteers so this shouldn't be much
of a problem either.
  Please let me know what you think ASAP, so I can get things rolling.
Grand Canyon North needs reservations early so they can be ready to open up
in May and we'll need to have a general idea as soon as possible.
  Thanks for your input.

Steve Dodder
President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
Director, Stone Haven Observatory


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