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Sorry, was away. Short notice on this -  Any ladies to help the girls get
their Astronomy merit badges tomorrow night (Fri) at ASC downtown Phx?

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 I was wondering if there were a few women members of the SAC who might be
able to come out this Friday, 4/22, for our Junior Girl Scout Overnight for
the Sky Search badge.  We have approximately 100 girls (4th-6th grade) plus
30 or so moms who will be completing the astronomy based Sky Search badge
between 7:00 and 10:00 that evening.

Originally, I thought we had a few telescopes of our own that I could set up
on our 4th floor Solar Terrace, but only have one!

I apologize for the short notice, but if you have a few enthusiastic
astronomy buffs who wouldn't mind spending a Friday evening with the Girls,
I would love for them to come out.  I?ll feed the volunteers dinner and they
can of course attend the two planetarium shows if they would like.

Here's the preliminary schedule for the evening:

   - 6:30   troops arrive
   - 7:00   the planetarium (where a lot of the requirements will be covered
   during the live show)
   - 7:45   dinner
   - 8:15-10:00  activities on the moon phases, dry ice comets, telescopes
   (I'm hoping) on the Terrace
   - 10:30 the planetarium (Two Small Pieces of Glass telescope show)

Thanks so much for any help you could offer us and I'm hoping to create a
lasting relationship with the SAC!

*Tara Oakes*

*Camp** Coordinator*

*Arizona** Science Center*

*Phone: 602-716-2000 ext. 2530/ fax 602-716-2088*

* <oakest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>**oakest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx*

*P**  **Before printing this e-mail think if it is necessary**. Think Green!


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