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As Jennifer indicates, I too, got the Cosmos Portal e-mail and did a little 
piking around.  So far my computer still works as it did before, so there 
doesn't seem to be any sinister plot afoot here.  With the little looking 
around that was done it appears they are looking for folks to use web 
cameras attached to telescopes to dynamically post on the web for the entire 
planet to see. Since this isn't my interest I quit looking.  Perhaps there 
is more, but didn't see any obvious place to submit observations.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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Subject: [sac-board] Fw: Invitation to join the Cosmos Portal

Hi All,

I received this "Special Invitation" for SAC to join the "Cosmos Portal" and
feel a bit obligated to pass in on to see what you think.  Maybe a few of
our techno-geeks can look into for us--I tried but couldn't really decipher
if I should give it the SPAM of the year award or if it's a legitimate
effort by concerned scientists to bring the astro world together in a more
productive manner.


Jennifer Polakis, VP, SAC

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Subject: Invitation to join the Cosmos Portal

> Dear Officers of the Saguaro Astronomy Club,
> This is an invitation to your organization and its members to help build
> the Cosmos Portal.
> The 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations has designated 2009 as the
> International Year of Astronomy. The non-profit Digital Universe
> Foundation is gearing up to act as a major source of astronomy news and
> information for the public via its free Cosmos Portal being developed by
> astronomers and space scientists (http://beta.manyone.net/cosmos),
> In parallel we intend to bring hundreds of active amateur astronomy
> organizations and thousands of amateur astronomers and telescope makers
> together in a community of websites. This will allow  vibrant online
> collaboration and information sharing. See the Astrochannels Portal for
> example (http://beta.manyone.net/astrochannels).
> To join, simply go to http://beta.manyone.net/cosmos and select
> "Communities" at the top of the left-hand set of tabs. On the page that
> then appears select the green JOIN MANYONE TODAY on the right. This
> service is free with ads or $8/month without ads.
> Once you complete the short sign-up form you will get an email
> registration confirmation. Use that to log in. A "My Dashboard" page will
> then appear. Select "Create a Portal."  This opens an edit page. You can
> either fill this with all sorts of content -- articles, news, blogs,
> events, astrophotography galleries -- or link to your existing website.
> To make your portal part of the Cosmos Community go to the bottom of the
> edit page and click on the + sign next to Science & Technology. Then click
> on the square box next to Cosmos. This connects your portal to the Cosmos
> Community. Click Submit to finish.
> Hope you decide to participate in the Cosmos Portal. Send me an email if
> you have any questions.
> Bernard Haisch
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