[sac-board] Fw: Invitation to join the Cosmos Portal

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 08:30:56 -0700

Hi All,

I received this "Special Invitation" for SAC to join the "Cosmos Portal" and 
feel a bit obligated to pass in on to see what you think.  Maybe a few of 
our techno-geeks can look into for us--I tried but couldn't really decipher 
if I should give it the SPAM of the year award or if it's a legitimate 
effort by concerned scientists to bring the astro world together in a more 
productive manner.


Jennifer Polakis, VP, SAC

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Subject: Invitation to join the Cosmos Portal

> Dear Officers of the Saguaro Astronomy Club,
> This is an invitation to your organization and its members to help build 
> the Cosmos Portal.
> The 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations has designated 2009 as the 
> International Year of Astronomy. The non-profit Digital Universe 
> Foundation is gearing up to act as a major source of astronomy news and 
> information for the public via its free Cosmos Portal being developed by 
> astronomers and space scientists (http://beta.manyone.net/cosmos),
> In parallel we intend to bring hundreds of active amateur astronomy 
> organizations and thousands of amateur astronomers and telescope makers 
> together in a community of websites. This will allow  vibrant online 
> collaboration and information sharing. See the Astrochannels Portal for 
> example (http://beta.manyone.net/astrochannels).
> To join, simply go to http://beta.manyone.net/cosmos and select 
> "Communities" at the top of the left-hand set of tabs. On the page that 
> then appears select the green JOIN MANYONE TODAY on the right. This 
> service is free with ads or $8/month without ads.
> Once you complete the short sign-up form you will get an email 
> registration confirmation. Use that to log in. A "My Dashboard" page will 
> then appear. Select "Create a Portal."  This opens an edit page. You can 
> either fill this with all sorts of content -- articles, news, blogs, 
> events, astrophotography galleries -- or link to your existing website.
> To make your portal part of the Cosmos Community go to the bottom of the 
> edit page and click on the + sign next to Science & Technology. Then click 
> on the square box next to Cosmos. This connects your portal to the Cosmos 
> Community. Click Submit to finish.
> Hope you decide to participate in the Cosmos Portal. Send me an email if 
> you have any questions.
> Bernard Haisch
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