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Also, he's in the process of getting his 80+ year old mother into a
proper nursing home this week, so he may be difficult to contact during
the day.  The evening may be a better time since he's usually (not
always, but usually) home at that time. He has voice messaging (Qwest
provided) on his phone, and sometimes his wife, Audrey, answers the
phone and is pretty good about passing on any message for him.



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>His phone number is 623-561-6618
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>>Hey Thad, things are good yes. The speaker is George deLange on
>>Archeo-astronomy. I wrote to remind him he is talking and he has not
>>replied. Do you perchance have his phone number handy?
>>Let me know asap. Thanks
>>Hello all, Does anyone know of a way to get a hold of
>>George? Just taking precautions....

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