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Is there audio involved in your presentation? If so someone should bring
speakers as well. =20

See you Friday
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Tom, Brian,

My laptop plays DVDs and I'll bring it to the meeting=3D2E  I think =
ar=3D e a couple of different DVD formats, but I never had any trouble
with it=3D2E


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> Brian,
> While I was away from my house for the past week, I eagerly answered=20
request for a laptop that plays DVD's=3D2E  When I returned today, I
realize=3D d that my old laptop does not play DVD's=3D2E
> So=3D2E=3D2E=3D2E a request to the club: does anybody have a laptop =
use at Friday's meeting to show his DVD=3D3F  Thanks=3D2E
> Tom

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