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Sounds good to me.
Jennifer Polakis, VP
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   Here is a copy of the note I sent to Robert Morris, (not Mason), today. 
I'll be waiting for his response before I forward our discussion to Sac 
Forum, if that's ok with you guys.
  Thanks for your input Friday.

Steve Dodder
President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
Director, Stone Haven Observatory



Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 16:51:23 -0700
From: president@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Donation
To: r.r.morris@xxxxxxx

Mr. Morris,
   I have discussed your generous donation with the Board of Saguaro 
Astronomy Club.  Unfortunately, it is their feeling this donation is beyond 
the scope of our club.  Fortunately, in your original note, attached below, 
you ask if there would be another organization I knew that would be 
   It so happens, there is.  It is my own Stone Haven Observatory, which is 
where the donation to SAC would have ended up, too.  The usage would be 
exactly the same, youth groups, scouts, public viewings and real science. 
It would just be a donation to Stone Haven Observatory instead of SAC.  This 
was suggested by the SAC Board on Friday night.
   If you're agreeable to donating it to me instead, I'd very much like to 
receive a quick note from you stating that for the record.  You could just 
say something like you donate this scope and accessories to Stone Haven 
Observatory for their use, and we'll take care of it.  Keep a copy for 
yourself as a record.  I'm told by our treasurer the value of the donation 
is below the threshold for tax advantage, so it makes no difference there.
   Thank you very much for this very generous gift!  I'm sure we can do some 
good with it.

Steve Dodder
President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
Director, Stone Haven Observatory
Visit my website: http://www.stargazing.net/astroman

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Subject: Telescope Donation

From: Robert <r.r.morris@xxxxxxx>

Date: Tue, March 11, 2008 9:05 am

To: president@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Greetings Mr. Dodder,

I have an older model of a refractor and accessories that I

wish to donate.  If your organization or if you are aware of any other

organization or school that would like to have my telescope please advise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Wishes,

Robert Morris

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