[sac-board] Re: Event T-Shirt Board Vote

  • From: david fredericksen <david.fredericksen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 13:51:09 -0700

Jack Jones wrote:

> SAC Board!
> Here's another vote for you. Our Club T-Shirt maker says he would be
> able to make up some Event T-shirts for the All-AZ Star Party by this
> weekend. The Club would only have to front $150 for a run of 36
> T-shirts. I think I could sell that many easy. SAC Club profit would be
> $72. After that we would own the screens and the artwork and could
> reprint more if needed on request if we ran out. It would be a good way
> to see what quality he is capable of before ordering our new Club
> T-shirts. It would also be neat to present Ray Farnsworth a complimetary
> shirt for the event. Let me know tonight Tuesday the latest or we won't
> have time to do it.
> Jack Jones
> Saguaro Astronomy Club
> Lunar List Awards and
> Messier Marathon Co-coordinator
> Phoenix AZ
> spicastar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    It sounds OK to me and it would be nice for Ray to get one.

Clear Skies,

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