[sac-board] Re: Donation to the Challenger Center

  • From: david fredericksen <david.fredericksen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 09:33:29 -0700

SaguaroAstro@xxxxxxx wrote:

> All,
> I stopped by the Challenger Science Center today and spoke with Rod Ossowski,
> who is their Director of Development regarding possibly donating the funds in
> our schoalarship account.  We had a nice talk and while he certainly seemed
> pleased to know we are considering making the donation, he wasn't pressing
> for the check either. I mentioned we would like to see the proceeds used
> towards astronomy related programs and he said he would put together some
> information for us regarding what astronomy programs the center has running
> and planned. He also provided some annual reports, which I'll bring to the
> meeting along with whatever else he provides. He asked us to look over what
> they're doing and if we decide we want to donate to the center, he'd invite
> us for a presentation ceremony, the big check kind of thing and a small
> luncheon or something similar. He indicated the local press likes this kind
> of thing and we'd probably get some press space. Any donations would be made
> in the name of the club in memory of Pierre. All in all I got a very positive
> feeling from my time there today. I'll post what I can prior to the meeting
> for everyone's review.
> Clear Skies
> Rick Tejera
> Editor SACnews
> Saguaro Astronomy Club
> Phoenix, Arizona
> SaguaroAstro@xxxxxxx
> www.saguaroastro.org

    Thanks for all your hard work.  I will be late to teh meeting because I have
GCC's graduation that I MUST attend.  See you Friday night.  Again thanks.  It 
because of people like you that  this job is so easy.

Clear  Skies,

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