[sac-board] Donation to the Challenger Center

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  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 00:21:41 EDT


I stopped by the Challenger Science Center today and spoke with Rod Ossowski, 
who is their Director of Development regarding possibly donating the funds in 
our schoalarship account.  We had a nice talk and while he certainly seemed 
pleased to know we are considering making the donation, he wasn't pressing 
for the check either. I mentioned we would like to see the proceeds used 
towards astronomy related programs and he said he would put together some 
information for us regarding what astronomy programs the center has running 
and planned. He also provided some annual reports, which I'll bring to the 
meeting along with whatever else he provides. He asked us to look over what 
they're doing and if we decide we want to donate to the center, he'd invite 
us for a presentation ceremony, the big check kind of thing and a small 
luncheon or something similar. He indicated the local press likes this kind 
of thing and we'd probably get some press space. Any donations would be made 
in the name of the club in memory of Pierre. All in all I got a very positive 
feeling from my time there today. I'll post what I can prior to the meeting 
for everyone's review. 

Clear Skies 

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona

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