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Ok, enough.

1. PAC had the best intentions--honestly.  To make a star party is no small
feat. We should be thanking them for their efforts. 
2. I think PAC made a good consolation and noble apology by not charging for
this event. Also I suspect and hope that next year's NASP will be the
grandest ever with the encouragement and support of the astro-community.
2. Trust me, if the gate is being guarded a cow won't escape. I am quite
sure Gary Frey knows the laws and the lay of the land of Cherry Rd.--his own
4. Most importantly, we can't make divisions among astronomers. We are not
in a competition.  We have to combine forces for more important issues at
hand--like preserving the sky.

So the dead horse is beat--pulverized even. 


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Somehow I knew this was going to be a Credance Clearwater Situation (Bad 
things arisin'). I think we need to make contact with Rancher dude and make
he knows we had nothing to do with the events this weekend. Also we should
a way to contact him (phone) just in case something like this happens in the

future. We can be proactive and let him know it ain't us. 

As much as I like to get along with other clubs (and I think the astro 
community in AZ is pretty tight) I have to say PAC sure seemed hell bent on
on toes here. There disregard for common courtesy and etiquette seems 
puzzling at best, downright rude at worst. I can say with reasonable
certainty I 
probably will not attend any of their functions in the future.


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> Hey All,
> Yes, here's the jist of that situation...We drove by Cherry Rd to see how
> crowded NASP was going to be so Chuck and I would have a possible
> alternative to MMSS.  First thing we noted was the gate was wedged wide
> open.  We pulled over to mention this to who I assume was Gary Frey.  He
> pretty insistant that he had the situation under control and that the gate
> would be OK left open.  We mentioned the incident in which Jack Jones was
> "lectured by men in cowboy hats" to which Gary replied,  "I've got a
> hat too, I'll put it on and discuss it if the rancher comes by."  or
> something similar to that.  He was insistent that it was BLM land, and it
> was a campsite, and that it was out of the rancher's hands, despite our
> protests that it was the rancher's cattle, even if it was BLM land.  Our
> parting statement was to the effect that we hoped that we wouldn't come up
> next month to find a padlock on the gate.  I felt that Chuck and I handled
> it politely, and while Gary wasn't hostile, he certainly wasn't
> what so ever, in fact, you might even call him indignant about the whole
> thing.
> My concern is this....we need to let PAC know that this was inappropriate
> given that Jennifer let Marilyn know that this was a specific issue with
> and the rancher.  They KNEW that in advance, and yet it was unheeded.
> should our course of action be in this regard?  A terse letter to PAC?
> Contact the rancher directly?  Can we and the rancher agree to lock the
> and only us/him have the key?  Contact our congressperson?  Midnite raid
> PAC headquarters?
> While there are other sites than Cherry up north, I really, really don't
> want to lose this one, and we need to make it clear that the gate has to
> stay closed at all times, no matter what event or which club is there.
> Thad

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona

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